The Effects Society Has on Love

By: Brianna Bradley

Society guides the feelings that we call “love” throughout the ways the children in the modern world are raised with specific interpretations of life following their parents’ opinions. Throughout time, the ways thoughts have evolved changed, but there are still pusillanimous thoughts in the world. In today’s world, children are raised in the same interpretations of life as the parents because the parents don’t want their family to be considered “different”. On the other hand, the children are scared to change their opinions because they don’t want to disappoint their parents.

In my lifetime, I know that my friend was extremely worried about informing her parents of her sexuality, which supports the point made earlier about children being scared to change their thoughts on topics such as love. My friend was raised in the habitat of a marriage or relationship including one male and one female, so when she changed her perspective from what it’s been since she was born. The society is always stereotypically a marriage containing one male and one female, which could be intimidating for a sixteen year old girl that is changing her perspective on love, resulting in my friend being too scared to speak out.

Not only is the type of relationship guided by the society, but the age difference in a marriage or relationship also has a societal impact. In high school I’ve experienced couples being judged for being in different grades. For example, I knew a girl who was a freshman last year who dated a guy that was a senior. Every time¬†they were seen together, ¬†they were judged by the audience because they were only three or four years apart in age. Even though it doesn’t seem like a huge difference, it does to the high school society since a relationship between a freshman and a senior is not how the society believes a relationship should be. The society was raised to think that relationships should be between a male and a female that are either the same age or a year apart, so what’s two to three more years? My parents are eleven years apart and have been happily married for years with many friends. So what’s the difference between high school and relationships up to four years apart, and my parents’ marriage that is eleven years apart in age? Nothing at all. The only thing that restricts the age difference in relationships is the societal standards that the children have been raised in.

Along with the age and type of relationship, the races included in a relationship are also made by the ways of our ancestors. In the past, when slaves made up the south, Thomas Jefferson, who became popular among many for his difference in the evolution of the world, had a secret affair with a slave that he had working on his plantation. Jefferson didn’t inform anyone of this affair because the girl was an African-American, and was a slave on his plantation. In the modern society, this societal standard where a couple should be of the same race, has evolved and gotten somewhat better, but it still exists. If the parents of the children were raised in a habitat where the relationships between couples have to consist of people of the same race, the children only believe that way for the rest of their lives that’s how they were raised. I only personally know of one couple that is of different races, and they’ve been happily married for years. The female in the couple is an American, and the male in the couple is a Serbian that moved to America in his childhood. The Serbian parents of the male don’t necessarily always get along with the female, which could be a result of how the parents were raised by their parents where a relationship should be of the same race.

Throughout today’s world, societal standards have had an impact on the thoughts about love because the ancestors of the children nowadays, raised their children in the expectation of a relationship by the ways the parents act. The perceptions of people’s relationships are impacted by the race, age, and type of relationship that the couples have. Throughout the modern day lives of people, the expectations of life have evolved, but are still restricted by the way children are raised.